“Becoming a foster parent has brought extra joy to my life. It’s a huge responsibility, but seeing these beautiful, smart and talented children with a bright future ahead of them and knowing they are safe and healthy makes it worth it for me.” – Cathy

“It’s great to see the kids I care for change, grow and succeed. I’ve seen kids go from gang involvement to joining sports teams, from criminal behavior to attending school every day. Fostering can be challenging but also very rewarding.” – Kevin

“Becoming a foster parent has brought a lot of meaning to my life. When you see a child overcome various hardships partly due to the impact you’ve had, it makes it all worthwhile. It’s a privilege to be part of a child’s life in this way.” – Allison

“What surprised me about fostering is how much it’s changed my attitude and character. I’ve realized how incredibly blessed I’ve been to grow up in an intact family where mom and dad loved and supported each other. It’s been rewarding to hear the boys we care for say they can’t imagine where they would be in life now without us. As they are approaching adulthood, It makes us realize the impact we’ve had on their lives.” – Jake