Opening your home and your heart

When you open your home and your heart to a child in care you become part of a team working to help that child overcome difficult family circumstances. Sometimes these circumstances have led to emotional, physical and psychological harm. The care and support a child receives in care can make it possible for him or her to thrive and to grow into a caring, happy adult.

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What it takes to Foster

You don’t have to be a “super parent” to foster a child in care. Nobody is perfect, including foster parents. What you do need is a positive, loving attitude and an openness to learn about and understand the needs of the child coming into your home.

Single people or couples, with or without children, living in rural or urban areas can become foster parents. They can be from any ethnic, racial or cultural background.

The best way to find out if fostering is something that would work for you and your family is to talk to us about it. Visit our contact us page to find out how to reach us.

You can also visit the Manitoba Family Services and Labour website for more information on fostering.