Senior Management

Trudy Lavallee, Executive Director

Marie Lands, Director of Services

Cathy Herrera, Director of Finance

Ryan Woychuk, Quality Assurance Specialist

Darrell Cook, Human Resources Manager


Occupied, Alternative Care

Mitchell Lyle , Family Enhancement

Jodi McVicker, Services to Children and Families

Lea Orate, Services to Children and Families

Thandie Undi, Services to Children and Families


Kimberly Irving, Executive Assistant

Karen Colby, Administrative Assistant

Mandy Coyne, Administrative Assistant

Roselle Jucaban, Finance Clerk

Kyle Kakegumick, Receptionist

Grace Alminiana, Quality Assurance Assistant

Ruby Manalac, Finance Clerk

Samantha McDougall, Administrative Assistant

Natasha Prince, Administrative Assistant

Marie Tasic, Administrative Assistant

Holly Twoheart, File Clerk

Ming Zhang, Finance Clerk

Alternative Care

Robyn Franklin, Alternative Care Worker

Alona Kravitz, Alternative Care Worker

Rafael Leal, Alternative Care Worker

Alicia Mitchell, Alternative Care Worker

Family Enhancement

Heather Blanchard, Support Worker

Patricia Beaulieu, Support Worker

Danielle Kabel, Program Facilitator

Jamie Muzyka, Case Manager

Hannah Tyler, Ontario Intake/Intake Worker

Services To Children And Families

Alysha Bougie, Case Manager

Samantha Chabbert, Case Manager

Jenny Chan, Case Manager

Lisa Currier, Case Manager

Jamie Dupasquier, Case Manager

Adejoke Falola, Case Manager

Jennifer Johanson, Case Manager

Sandra Johnson, Case Manager

Kathleen Marshall, Case Manager

Nicole McDonald, Case Manager

Carly Meisters, Case Manager

Natasha Noel, Case Manager

Si-il Park, Case Manager

Jessica Plouffe, Case Manager

Kristen Schwartz, Case Manager

Nicki Sutherland, Case Manager

Jomar Velasco, Case Manager

Mihret Zewude, Case Manager