Senior Management

Bonnie Kocsis, Executive Director

Steven Bembenek, Director of Finance

Daniel Jordaan, Director of Human Resources

Maria McDougall, Director of Services

Ryan Woychuk, Quality Assurance Specialist


Candice Lewsey, Alternative Care

Cheryl Vieville, Family Enhancement

Misty Bousquet, Services to Children and Families

Jodi McVicker, Services to Children and Families


Karen Colby, Administrative Assistant

Mandy Coyne, Administrative Assistant

Samantha McDougall, Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Moar, Administrative Assistant

Shawna Monkman, Administrative Assistant

Marie Tasic, Administrative Assistant

Cyndi Menke, Executive Assistant

Holly Twoheart, File Clerk

Cathy Herrera, Finance Clerk

Ruby Manalac, Finance Clerk

Mike Peters, Finance Clerk

Alexander Lantin, Quality Assurance Assistant

Darrell Chippeway, Receptionist

Alternative Care

Karen Alexander, Alternative Care Worker

Lorna Booker, Alternative Care Worker

Robyn Franklin, Alternative Care Worker

Alicia Mitchell, Alternative Care Worker

Family Enhancement

Matthew Gooch, Case Manager

Lorraine Laquette, Case Manager

Susan Mirembe, Family Support Worker

Danielle Sanness, Family Support Worker

Casey Ludwick, Program Coordinator

Services To Children And Families

Vera Coppola, Case Manager

Jeneen Dederick, Case Manager

Nathania Dreiling, Case Manager

Yohannes Engida, Case Manager

Michelle Fast, Case Manager

Terri-Lynn Julian, Case Manager

Krista Lightly, Case Manager

Mitchell Lyle, Case Manager

Lea Orate, Case Manager

Christiane Outridge, Case Manager

Si-il Park, Case Manager

Amy Prince, Case Manager

Ivan Salazar, Case Manager

Kristen Schwartz, Case Manager

Tamara Segal, Case Manager

Randean Tardiff, Case Manager

Samantha Trudeau, Case Manager

Thandie Undi, Case Manager

Justin Van Oeveren, Case Manager

Jomar Velasco, Case Manager

Kev Wood, Case Manager

Douglas Gerrard, Family Support Worker