It means Thunderbird’s Nest in Ojibway.

We use a culturally appropriate approach with our clients. We strongly encourage aboriginal teachings and have an elder who is available for our clients upon request. Elders are involved in our ceremonies and events and we encourage and support our staff to learn traditional ways.

Foster parent expense forms should be submitted to the agency no later than one week before the end of month. Late submissions will be held until the next month’s payment date.

No. You must include the original receipts along with your reimbursement request to receive payment. Expense reimbursement forms without original receipts will be returned to the foster parent unpaid.

Foster parents may make a claim for mileage reimbursement for family visits, medical and legal appointments. The rate is $0.275/km.  All reimbursement claims must include the geographic address of your destination. All mileage claims are checked for accuracy to the nearest km.

Mileage reimbursement for regular activities such as lessons or sports games/practices is included in the per diem foster rate.

Speak to the case manager responsible for the child you are caring for.

Contact the child’s caseworker as soon as possible. A representative of our agency will investigate and document the damage. A claim may be filed under the Foster Parent Intentional Damage Compensation Plan. Note that normal wear and tear damage is covered under the basic maintenance rate.

The first step is to contact our Alternative Care department by calling 204-944-0040 or toll free 1-877-300-5111. Background checks are required for everyone living in the home where the child(ren) will reside. Background checks include a Criminal Background Check, Child Abuse Registry Check and a CFS Prior Contact Check. Potential foster parents must also have a signed form from their physician indicating they are medically able to care for foster children. Your home must also meet the physical standards for a foster home.

Email your resume and a cover letter to Potential respite workers are contacted on an as needed basis.