Animikii Ozoson Child & Family Services was created in 2005 to meet the specific needs of children and families with ties to Ontario First Nations who are living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We also serve families who choose our agency for CFS services but who are not members of an Ontario First Nation.

animikii ozoson nest logoOur Name

In February 2005, elders held a traditional Ojibway naming ceremony for our agency at Shoal Lake First Nation in Ontario. On that beautiful, serene and lightly snowy winter evening, the agency received the name, Animikii Ozoson, which signifies, celebrates and honours the sacredness of the thunderbird in Ojibway culture. The thunderbird’s role is to protect its babies in their home (the nest). The English translation of the name is Thunderbird nest.


Our agency has a volunteer board of directors. Our board members are First Nation community members. We also have an elder who provides guidance and spiritual direction.

Board of Directors

Marlyn Bennett, Chair

Lucy Fowler

Suzanne Hudson

Joseph Katcheconias

Maria Morrison

Wesley Nelson